Poems are like homing pigeons. You send them off and more often than not they come back. But sometimes they don’t because they’ve found a new home.

Image courtesy of ovocontrol.com

As a poet, I know much about perseverance and how one person’s trash can be another one’s treasure. So when I heard my next manuscript had been shortlisted for this year’s James Tate International Poetry Prize, I was absolutely thrilled! When I heard it was one of the winners, beyond thrilled!! I had submitted this collection, albeit in different iterations, nearly a dozen times to publishers and competitions.

SurVision Books is Ireland-based with a focus on surrealist poetry and a biannual online magazine of the same. My poems are about climate change from a fantastical perspective and editors Tony Kitt and Anatoly Kurdryavitsky felt they were a good fit. While I’m deeply indebted to Ginninderra Press for publishing my previous collections, I am excited to see what my new publisher brings.

Never give up I say.