was the title of the workshop I presented yesterday as guest poet at Gawler Poets @ the Pub.

Image courtesy of Gawler Poets @ the Pub

Held at the Prince Albert Hotel, this groups meets on the last Sunday of every month where a poet is invited to give a workshop in the morning then have the first slot at the afternoon readings.

With my recent collection about breast cancer, selecting the topic was easy; finding relevant examples and devising the structure took a little more time. And I thoroughly enjoyed not only preparing the workshop but also presenting it, and the participants did too, taking away with them poems to develop, writing prompts and further reading/listening.

After lunch was the five-word challenge where I chose random words from Venus for poets to draft something using for me to judge. The winner got a bottle of wine. I then read a couple of poems from each of my collections giving context where relevant, followed by members of the group sharing their work. The day flew by.

So given the time I spent researching and developing the workshop, I will explore more opportunities to present it because it’s something we can all relate to, having a body, and whether we like it or not is a whole other workshop…