The Poetry Box LIVE (The Poeming Pigeon – From Pandemic to Protest)

In this launch of The Poeming Pigeon’s From Pandemic to Protest issue in October 2021, I read ‘A burning world’ about the bush fires that devastated large parts of Australia in 2020 (scroll to 7:50 minutes or click the link above). This is my first found poem sourced from an article in The Guardian called ‘We’ve pissed Mother Nature off big time; the people coming home after Australia’s fires.’

I wrote and performed this piece as part of mindshare’s When Words Come to Life poetry competition in August 2014 with funding from Arts SA. Entries were invited on any aspect of mental health and my message is simple; we all have something to carry – be it pain, fear, anxiety from the past, in the present or about the future – but it’s our choice how we do this.