J V Birch

photo courtesy of Martin Christmas

J V Birch lives in Adelaide, South Australia.

Her poems have appeared in several anthologies including Loose Leaves (2010), Balancing Act and Other Poems (2011) named after her contributory piece, Sentinel Champions (2012), Foreign Encounters (2012), Australian Love Poems (2013), What We Carry Home (2013), Poems 2013: Volume 2 of the Australian Poetry Ltd Members’ Anthology, Memory Weaving (2014) and Friendly Street Poets 39: Silver Singing Streams (2015).

Her work has also featured in a number of journals and magazines across the UK, Australia, Canada and the US including The New Writer, Sotto, Transnational Literature, Uneven Floor, Ink, Sweat and Tears, Writers’ Forum, Tincture and Plumwood Mountain.

She has been a three-time winner in a poetry category of mindshare’s Creative Writing Awards.

She has two collections published by Ginninderra Press – Smashed glass at midnight in their Picaro Poets series and What the water & moon gave me in their Pocket Poets series – and is currently working on her third.