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Yesterday I tried a different writing technique.  Usually an idea comes to me or a title, first line or the last, I leave it to take shape in my head for a while and then write it down (normally in pencil unless I happen to be on my laptop) giving special care to punctuation, line breaks, stanzas, etc.  I almost try to get a final version straight off.  But yesterday, with a topic in mind, I just wrote – a solid block with no attention to sentence structure, breath or indeed anything other than getting down what I wanted to say.


This came about after reading some work by Sarah Chapman, a dynamic young poet most recently published on Helen Ivory’s Ink, Sweat and Tears webzine.  An interesting result, quite liberating in fact.  I think the lesson I learnt is a very simple one all poets experience –  that deviating from what feels comfortable and familiar can lead you into a very new space to explore and in which to make your mark.

I am just in the throes of finalising the piece and then intend to submit it to one of a number of magazines on my increasing to do list !  Let’s see what kind of reception it gets…will keep you posted.


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