And both made an impact!  Poems that is, in the Sentinel Annual Poetry Competition 2014.  I’m a little bit pleased to say the least!

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The Sentinel Poetry Movement (SPM) was founded in 2002 by Nnorom Azuonye, a poet amongst other trades, with a purpose to create a diverse community of writers and artists encouraging limitless interaction.  The movement also branched into publishing, producing online magazines such as Sentinel Literary Quarterly, Sentinel Poetry Quarterly and Sentinel Champions, however sadly the latter publication will no longer be after the current issue.  So in effect it runs competitions for short stories and poetry every three months and every 12.

Roger Elkin, poet, tutor, editor and literary advisor, has adjudicated this particular competition for five years.  SPM recently interviewed Roger to find out what makes him tick and the work he’s currently involved in – it’s an interesting read.  And funnily enough Roger also selected one of my poems, The cut, reproduced here on my site, for Sentinel Champions #9 published in 2012.  So I must be doing something he likes!  Thank you Roger

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