I have been working on a volunteer basis for The Australia Times (TAT) for over a year now as a poet and copyreader, after responding to their call for volunteers nationwide.


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TAT is a free magazine-based online publication, blending professional and citizen journalism to create news for both the community and special interest groups.

With over 30 magazines to its name now, spanning the news, arts, lifestyle, entertainment, Australia and science and technology, subscribers really are spoilt for choice with TAT Books, TAT Fashion, TAT Gourmet, TAT Film to name a few, and of course TAT Poetry.  Edited by Maureen Clifford, a.k.a. The Scribbly Bark Poet, this fortnightly magazine publishes a wide range of work from Australia and overseas, be it free verse, Haiku, sonnet, etc., a perfect platform to get your work out there.

Maureen kindly published some of my work last year and is again later this month, so watch this space…and get subscribing to TAT!