No time like today to post some love poetry !




So here is the poem I was thrilled to have published by Inkerman & Blunt in Australian Love Poems 2013, edited by Mark Tredinnick.  This wonderful collection is split into sections to capture the full spectrum of love and it’s journey – from those fresh heady sparks to the sometimes unavoidable last remnants.  My poem sits within ‘We outgrow love like other things’…




Our front door has gained weight

seems harder to close.

I manage our hallway then fold

a paper chained doll.


Temptation dropped me off.

He is older, wears suits

peels me undone with deep set eyes.


There is safety in here

a promise I’ll always be loved

It’s just not enough.


I know this will slice your insides

but I do it also for you.

You need more

than this glossed over longing.


I place my goodbye on the table

seven years of tears

line dried, folded in pairs.


Copyright © J V Birch 2013


Happy Valentine’s Day – spend it wisely  🙂