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Love this collection by Rhian Edwards, branded “a brave and beautiful first book” by its publisher Seren, and indeed it is

Kim Moore

Evening all!  First of all, I apologise for the silence over the last two weeks – last Monday I moved house finally – we had our offer accepted on a house, and accepted an offer on our house in April and have been waiting to move since then.  All I can say is that now I know why the economy ground to a halt – clearly solicitors hold the keys to the economy!  Anyway, last Sunday I spent the whole day packing the rest of the house up – and as my poetry books were the first thing to be packed, I didn’t have any access to the Sunday poem – which wasn’t the best planning admittedly.

So this is the first blog post I’m writing from my new house.  When I pulled up this afternoon and got out of the car, the bird song was deafening and then I…

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The Aurorean is a biannual poetry journal published in April and October out of Maine in the US by Encircle Publications.


The Aurorean


Its 60 plus pages offer a variety of form and content from poets all over the world, with a focus on New England and the seasons, and includes a wonderful selection of Haiku. Having won several small press awards, the journal publishes work that “uplifts, inspires, and is meditational”, a refreshing perspective “in a world full of angst”.

Editor Cynthia Brackett-Vincent kindly accepted some of my work recently to appear in their forthcoming Fall/Winter issue due out next month.  I was excited by this news, not least by the thought that my work will appear in this beautifully presented and prestigious journal but also, and to quote one of my literary friends, I have now “cracked the US market!”  So only 3 more continents to go, as I’m discounting Antarctica unless their definition of penguin has changed…

I have been working on a volunteer basis for The Australia Times (TAT) for over a year now as a poet and copyreader, after responding to their call for volunteers nationwide.


TAT logo


TAT is a free magazine-based online publication, blending professional and citizen journalism to create news for both the community and special interest groups.

With over 30 magazines to its name now, spanning the news, arts, lifestyle, entertainment, Australia and science and technology, subscribers really are spoilt for choice with TAT Books, TAT Fashion, TAT Gourmet, TAT Film to name a few, and of course TAT Poetry.  Edited by Maureen Clifford, a.k.a. The Scribbly Bark Poet, this fortnightly magazine publishes a wide range of work from Australia and overseas, be it free verse, Haiku, sonnet, etc., a perfect platform to get your work out there.

Maureen kindly published some of my work last year and is again later this month, so watch this space…and get subscribing to TAT!


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